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Tree Pruning in Calgary

If you are in need of an experienced arborist, Aspen Tree Service is here to help. Tree Pruning in Calgary is one of the most common procedures we offer. Landscape trees require a certain level of care to maintain their proper function, safety, and aesthetic. Let it grow wild, and it can cause problems for you. However, a properly cared-for tree or shrub can add value to your property.

We operate Tree Pruning in Calgary with an understanding of how each type of tree responds to a cut. If done incorrectly, it can irreparably damage or even kill the tree. Aspen Tree Service prunes only according to industry standards and has years of experience in pruning trees correctly.

In addition to pruning trees, we also provide shaping services for ornamental shrubs and trees to make them look more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. And finally, we also do simple hedge trimming services.

If you have a tree or shrub that requires shaping or pruning in Calgary, contact us today and we will be able to provide you with a free quote.


Advantages of Tree Pruning

Our professional arborists can offer you tree services : 

  • Improved tree health 
    One of the major reasons why people do regular pruning for their trees is to improve their health. Arborists will carefully remove dead or diseased branches, which in turn stops the spread of the decay over to other parts. They will also get better sunlight and air circulation. 
  • Maintaining the shape of the tree 
    Trees can easily go out of shape and can spread their branches all around. With our tree pruning services, you will be able to maintain a good shape for your trees, giving them a uniform and consistent appearance. 
  • Reducing the risk of accidents 
    When branches of a tree start growing out of control, it is highly likely that branches can get overweight and fall off. This can cause serious injuries along with major damages to property. Regular pruning can help you avoid such mishaps as the arborist will identify the branches at risk and will remove them.
  • Better sunlight 
    Another benefit of regular pruning is that once the shape of the tree is maintained, you will be able to get more sunlight for other trees and plants on your property. 


Different Tree Pruning Methods 

To get the desired results, there are different methods of tree pruning that arborists can follow. Some of them are: 

  • Crown clearing 
    Also known as deadwood clearing, this pruning method involves the removal of dead, infected and broken parts of the tree. This is the most basic pruning method. 
  • Crown thinning 
    This is done to thin out the branches of the tree so that more sunlight and air can pass through the tree. It reduces the weight of the tree and also helps in maintaining its shape. 
  • Crown raising 
    With this pruning method, the lower branches of the tree are removed so that vertical clearance can be achieved. It can be done on a single portion of the crown or on the entire lower region as per requirements. 
  • Crown reduction 
    This pruning method helps in protecting buildings from tree branches that have grown and are now at risk. Such branches can fall off and damage properties and injure people during heavy winds or storms. 

Contact us for professional tree services in Calgary.

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