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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Calgary

Sometimes you have a tree that is in the way. Removing it is hardly an easy job to do and can require professional help. Aspen Tree Services provides tree removal and stump grinding services in Calgary to help you clear the space you need and get rid of the problematic tree.

A dead or dying tree can be a hazard. It might fall, causing property damage or even injuring people. Or it may be encroaching on power lines, foundations, or buildings. In any case, such a tree needs to be removed. Aspen Tree Service has experienced and well-trained arborists who know how to safely remove dangerous trees and branches without damaging surrounding properties.

tree stump

Stump Grinding

When the main part of the tree has been removed, the stump will still remain. It can be an unsightly spot on an otherwise lovely patch of lawn. Why not get rid of it? Aspen Tree Services offers stump grinding services to remove the stump.

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